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Upgrade from CM 4.x to CUCM 7.1(3)


Hi There,

I’d like to order some software for a couple of call manager upgrades and was wondering what the implication of this EoS EoL has on my part numbers. I cannot find part numbers or descriptions for Cisco Unified User Connect Licensing and the EoS EoL is May 11 2010.

Is anyone aware of the part numbers that I need and a description of the different levels within the licencing. I believe it should be available for CUCM 7.1(5) onwards but currently Cisco is on CUCM7.1(3) so not use if they’re going to drop two releases between now and May.

Kind regards,


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Tommer Catlin

I think Cisco is dropping the use of HP servers and putting 7.1 on their own servers from now on.   7.1 will be supported for quite some time.   

Basically, in your PUT tool online, order everything you need for each node.  The numbers are probably wrong online and say some odd number like 23 units, when you have (4) nodes.  so just order 1 for each server and then one server license for the upgrade.

Are you ordering new hardware as well?

As for the device licenses, you are grandfathered in with what you have on CUCM 4.x.  So if you have 500 7060 phones, then you will get DLUs to cover this (no cost as long as your smartnet is current with 4.x and phones)  Same for your cucm nodes.

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