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Upgrade MCS to UCS

I have call Manager 7.0 Publisher and Subscriber which are installed on Two MCS and I need to upgrade to Call Manager 9, but Call Manager 9 would be on Vmware and the Existed purchased license should be transferred from CUCM V7.0 to the new version.

Please advice for the whole process, thanks.

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Did you get a chance to read the upgrade guides and release notes?

The only supported upgrade path from CUCM 7 to 9 is either by upgrading current hardware to version 8/9 or doing a bridge upgrade on a non-VM box.

As far as licensing CUCM 9.0 introduced ELM which means that you will need to map all of your existing DLUs to user based licenses, ELM gets installed by default on CUCM 9 node, however you can also run it standalone.  You can also download User Count Tool (UCT) and run it against your current system to see what your system is configured for and if you need to do any config clean up or if you will need any additional licenses.  This is all documented nicely in ELM user guide.




Dear Chris,

Thank you for your reply.

I havn't got the chance to read the upgrade guides so far, I appreciate if you can send me the link which is related to my case.

I don't know how to map the license, I read a lot about the new license and I understood it, but regarding the mapping I have no clue, so please help me with any article regarding this.

I am still wondering regarding upgrading the server and transfer it from MCS (Direct Installation) to UCS on a vmware.

Please Help because I have been struggling for 3 days and reading things which some of them not related, so I would be much thankful if you can provide me either how to sort that out or the doucments that match my case.



Docs are on CCO, support -> product support and then you browse thru the products.

You need to be familiar with where the documentation is, Voice and UC is in the tab you get when you hover over support.

MCS to UCS is just a DRS

Nothing different if you were swapping from a 7825 to a 7845

Install a supported version 8.0(2) or later on your MCS, install same version on UCS on UCS with same specs

DRS backup from MCS, DRS restore on VM.

That's it.



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Thanks Jaime for your quick reply.

I am sorry for that but what do you mean by "Install a supported version 8.0(2) or later", the call Manager Version that I have is 7.0.2., sorry for this silly question but I didn't understand.

Please confirm do you mean to install the same CUCM version 7.0.2 on a Vmware then take the backup from the MCS to the new one on UCS.

If yes what about the license?, should I make the new installation of CUCM on the UCS with the same IP Address?

I need to know as well how to transfer the license from CUCM 7 to 9.

I appreciate your help.


No, 8.0(2) and later are the only supported versions on VMware.

You need to upgrade on MCS to a supported version, so you can backup and restore

Yes, you need the same IP for DRS, review the restore documentation for all the requirements.

Right now you need to review the install and upgrade guides, DRS guide, and RNs for every version you'll go thru to see the requirements and what needs to be done.

Licenses you already have installed on any pre-9 version will be migrated, then you use ELM to finish the process.

Once you're on 9, you also need to review the ELM documentation

Review all the documentation we've mentioned to fully understand what needs to be done, then you can come back with further question.



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