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UPS / Battery Backup: Safe phone controller shutdown?

So, apparently it is a bad thing to just directly pull the plug on a Cisco Unified Communications phone controller.

Apparently it is possible to corrupt CUE and to possibly have it go so far as to corrupting the flash memory and losing all stored phone messages and even the system configuration.

But I don't see a simple and easy way to use battery backup, with a controlled shutdown process, to safely power down a controller.


I am thinking something may be easily possible to tell a Cisco phone controller always do a safe shutdown when the UPS goes on battery, using one of the cheap microcontrollers that are now available, such as Rasberry Pi.

Most UPS have a serial port status monitoring capability that reports when the UPS is on battery. So write a tiny program for the microcontroller that looks something like this:

Loop forever:

     Sleep 1 second

     Check serial port #1 for UPS state.

     If UPS on battery then

          add 1 to ShutdownDelay


          set ShutdownDelay to zero.   

     If ShutdownDelay > 60 seconds then

          Open serial port #2 to UC560 console port

          Logon to router

               If error, try to logon again.

          Shut down cue: service-module integrated-Service-Engine 0/0 shutdown

               Wait for successful command completion. If error, try again.

          Write logging info to flash memory on Rasberry Pi.

          Send command to UPS to turn off and go to into sleep mode until power is restored

Is there any such already existing thing? I'm not finding anything with my web searching.

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paolo bevilacqua
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

As you say, you would need to write a custom script for that.

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