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Use feature button for MWI on general vmx boxes?

Hi all, we have a bunch of hunt groups that place the caller into a general voicemail box related to that group, "Sales" for example, if no one is available to take the call.  We use 7861 phones with the 16 feature buttons down the right side.  I'd like to have a way to indicate to the staff that a voicemail is waiting in a general voicemail box but not using the primary MWI lamp on the hand set so that can remain used for their primary extension voicemail.


For staff who are a member of only one hunt group, I was able to add the group voicemail extension as their second DN which does show an envelope in the LCD display when there's a message.  Not quite as ideal as a lit button, but it works.  For some staff though, they're in several hunt groups and I'd like them to know if there's a voicemail in one of several general voicemail boxes.


If I assign the voicemail extensions to several of their phones feature buttons, it does seem to at least put a notice in the LCD immediately after receipt of a voicemail in one of those boxes, and even states which one, but if they perform any activity other than checking that voicemail, the display returns to normal and that message is forgotten.


Is there any way to illuminate a feature button for secondary voicemail boxes?




I have the same question. Did you find a solution to this?

Unfortunately not; we're using the LCD-based notification and have to let the users be diligent about always checking the box when the LCD says there's a message, versus making another call and 'getting back to it' but really forgetting, so less than ideal but at least they know when there is a message if they don't perform some other activity first.

I don't even get an LCD notification even though I have Visual Message Waiting Indicator Policy set to Light and Prompt and Log Missed Calls. The handset light works when new messages come in, but nothing on the screen. I have applied the config and reset the phone.

Any suggestions?

I'm taking it you dont want to use other notification devices such as SMTP (email) or call back or something like that? 

I actually have a scenario similar to yours and hitting the same wall you did I ended up using SMTP notification to let the users know. 

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