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User Device Profile and Device Phone log delete

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Good evening.

How can we verify the form that a user device profiles and device phones are being excluded in the system?

Mysteriously we are noticing some exclusions without our action. I would like to investigate how the system is deleting the profiles.

Through AuditLogViewer I can check the creation and deletion of UDPs and Device Phones by me.

But since these cases were not executed by an administrator, I can not see how they were deleted.

Attached what I see in the log, in this case I added a UDP again and reconfigured the phone.

We are using Call Manager 10.5

I thank you


Boa noite.

Como podemos verificar a forma que um user device profiles e device phones estão sendo excluidos no sistema ?

Misteriosamente estamos notando algumas exclusões sem nossa ação. Gostaria de investigar como o sistema está deletando os perfis.

Através do AuditLogViewer consigo verificar a criação e exclusão dos dos UDPs e Device Phones por mim.

Mas como esses casos não foram executados por um administrador, não consigo enxergar como foram deletados.

Em anexo o que eu vejo no log , neste caso eu adicionei novamente um UDP e reconfigurei o phone

Estamos usando Call Manager 10.5


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Anyone ?

I Can verify when i or other administrator delete phone , directory number, profile etc...

Date: 07/11/2017 18:53:50.713
UserID: garena
ClientAddress: xxxx
Severity: Notice
EventType: GeneralConfigurationUpdate
ResourceAccessed: CUCMAdmin
EventStatus: Success
CompulsoryEvent: No
AuditCategory: AdministrativeEvent
ComponentID: Cisco CUCM Administration
AuditDetails: record in table device, with key field name = SEP1CE85D0637B5 deleted
App ID: Cisco Directory Number Alias Sync
Cluster ID:

But in the case of this problem dont write the delete in Auditlog.

How can i verify delete in SQL comands ? Or other log at system.

I think it's some sync failure. Or some routine outside the Job schedule.

Aside from the role based logs, if this is being done via the GUI, the other logs you could look at would be Tomcat logs. Unless you have replication issues, I don't believe this would be DB/sync related.

You probably want to open a TAC for this.



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Jaime, Thank you for Reply.

This problem is not running for GUI.

I get the problem information and i check that the data is no longer in the system (device phone, profile and directory number).

It's like a bug.
But I believe somewhere there will be registered something about exclusion (not AuditLog).