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User Device Profile Compatability

I have 62 users from the call center that are moving to a new location.

All of these users are extension mobility users.

At their existing location that have 7961g-ge phones and their User Device Profiles in UCM

are built as 7961g-ge.  Their phone button template for the 7961g-ge User Device Profiles

are set to 5 lines 1 service.

At the new location they have 7965 phones.  When they login with the 7961g-ge User Device

Profiles on the 7965 phones the device only shows line 1 and 2.

They do not see the other 2 lines or the service button.

As a test I duplicated the 7961g-ge User Device Profile as a 7965 User Device Profile.

When I login in to a 7965 or a 7961g-ge I am able to see all 5 lines and the service button using the 7965 User Device Profile.

A 7965 User Device Profile appears to be backwards compatible to a 7961g-ge.

A 7961g-ge User Device Profile does not appear to be forward compatible.

Besides the obvious of me creating 62 new 7965 User Device Profiles what other solutions

are their?


7961g-ge firmware SCCP41.8-4-1SR2S

7965 firmware SCCP45.8-4-1SR2S



Two options here:

1) Create a new device profile for each user, type 7965 with whatever properties you like. Associate these to the users, and they should be able to pick this device profile when logging on.

2) Carry out these steps to define a default set of settings that apply when the users with 7961 profiles log on to the 7965s:

Create yourself a Phone Button Template for the 7965, with 5 lines and one service.

Go to Device/Device Settings/Default Device Profile

Configure the 'deafult' settings you want to apply to users logging on to 7965s without a 7965-specific profile (i.e. the Phone Button Template you just created, and whatever else you like)

Save it..

Now when the users log on, they should get the new Phone Button Template with 5 lines etc... bear in mind this applies to anyone logging on to a 7965 with a non-7965 profile.



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I opened a TAC case just to see what they would say.

What they said was "there is no way possable to make a 7961 user device profile with mor ethen 2 lines display on a 7965 phone."

Their suggestion was what I did not want to do which was create all new user device profiles for the 7965 which will work with both 7965 & 7961.

So tonight after the call center closes I will use BAT to export massage and re import the user device profiles.  Oh the joy!

Ah thanks... one star because you have to do some work

I like your style.

Aaron Please remember to rate helpful posts to identify useful responses, and mark 'Answered' if appropriate!

Yea I'm sorta overwhelmed and work right now so being lazy.  I'm one guy who supports IPCC Enterprise, IPCC Express, Emergency Responder, Unity, Callmanager and CUPS for 14000 devices.

I wish there was a graphic for someone playing a violin

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