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Using CTI Remote Device together with DVO-R on one user


We have a situation where some users want to use both a CTI Remote Device using Jabber for Windows and use DVO-R using Jabber for iPhone. For DVO-R, we need to add a Mobile Identity to the user's TCT (Jabber for iPhone) device. This Mobile Identity has "Mobile Phone" and "Enable Mobile Connect" enabled, which means calls will simultaneous ring to this mobile phone number. Also, as far as I know, enabling Mobile Connect is a requirement for DVO-R.

At the same time, we had to make a Remote Destination named JabberRD, to be attached to the CTI Remote Device. This JabberRD Remote Destination automatically has "Enable Mobile Connect" enabled according to the documentation; you cannot disable this.

This means there are two Remote Destinations with Mobile Connect enabled. Also, both destinations go to the same phone number which is not allowed, we solved this by having one number filled in as E164 (+316xxxxx) and one as local (006xxxxx). But still two call legs will be set up, which of course shouldn't happen.

What's the best practice around this issue, in case a user wants to have both CTI RD and DVO-R?


Ruud van Strijp

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