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Using SIP on VG204

Good Morning people !

I own the equipment VG204 in a customer and need to know how to use the SIP protocol in this equipment ? I can't find any document on Cisco webpage explain how to use SIP protocol.

Another question are : Can I use this ATA with one IP-PBX, like ericsson ?

Thanks for all !!

Gajanan Pande

Yes VG 204 is supported for SIP. I've not used it myself as SIP gateway though the procedure should remain same as of adding any other SIP Gateway ( i.e. add a SIP trunk & give the destination IP of the gateway ).

About ATA support with Ericsson, Ericsson ( or any partners with similar deployment experience ) should only be able to comment.

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Thanks for your reply !

But how can I add SIP trunk at VG204 ? I can't find this commands at reference manual !

Thanks again !

SIP trunk is added from CUCM Admin page. On gateway, there will be only a dial-peer config pointing to CUCM.


Ok I understand now !

Can I use VG204 only with CUCM ? I need to use it as a standalone ATA, it's possible ?

Thanks Again !

VG 2xx gateways can be used with both CUCM & CUCME.

About using them as individual device ( without any CUCM & CUCME ), I am not sure as I never used it like that but I did use a non-Cisco ( if I remember, it was called as MultiVoIP or something ) device which also provides multiple analog ports for connecting multiple analog phones & enable them for making outgoing calls over PSTN ( without using any Cisco PBX ). In this case, those analog phones will only be used for making outgoing calls, they wont expect receiveing incoming calls.

Integrating VG 2xx with CUCM/CUCME, will make those analog phones reachable by other IPT users & vice versa. This is apart from their PSTN calling ability as explained above.

Hope it helps ?

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