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VG204 - Conference Calls

We installed a VG204, configured the ports and users can make calls. However, when a user wants to setup a conference call, they make the first call then they put that call on hold and place the other call and joins the 2 calls. The 2 people they called can talk to each other, but the person on the VG204 that setup the conference can not participate in the conference. They can't hear the other people and the other people cannot hear them. Is there a way to fix this problem? Thanks.


Sounds like they are completeing a transfer instead of a conference. If there is an IP phone involved in the call, does their phone display To Conference or To ?

Conference Steps: During an active call, user presses hookflash for dial tone, dials a third party, and then presses hookflash again to connect all three parties.

Transfer Steps: During an active call, user presses hookflash and receives dial tone. User dials number for transfer and either stays online to announce (consultive transfer) or hangs up (blind transfer). When user hangs up, the call is transferred


Is this isolated to a specific analog phone model? Perhaps the VG224 is interupting the second hookflash as a hangup event and the timer needs to be adjusted.

  • The FXS voice port (RemoteSite router) uses the timing hookflash-in msec command where msec is the maximum value of a loop break (in milliseconds) from the telephone handset that is interpreted as a hookflash. A loop break greater than the configured value is regarded as a disconnect and the call is dropped. Any interval under this value causes the router to send the '!' character via the H.245-signal DTMF relay.

  • The FXO voice port (MainSite router) uses the timing hookflash-out msec command where msec is the duration of the outgoing loop break in milliseconds. When the router receives an H.245-signal DTMF relay signal, the FXO port generates a loop break for the configured interval.


I have confirmed that during a call the user does press hookflash to get dialtone, dials third party, presses hookflash again to connect all three parties. These are external calls. There are 2 analog phones setup on this VG204 and both are having this problem. We had this issue with our VG248, but it was simply a matter of configuring it so we could setup vgc phones on it.

I'm not sure how a SCCP-controlled VG204 is more difficult than a SCCP-controlled VG248. Same protocol, just different UI screens.

Anyways, you can pull Detailed-level SDI traces from CUCM and see what is happening to the media resource manager for this call. Does it allocate a conference bridge successfully for the call? Trying the conference with an IP Phone was just an easy way of seeing wither the conference bridge allocation succeeded or not.

Tim Walker

Hi Michael.  I am experiencing the same problem, did you ever get a fix for this? If so, please can you let me know what it was.

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