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VG224 Fx ports dropping out - Call manager shows ok?

Hi All,

We've got a strange problem at one of our buildings with a number of VG224 devices deployed, mainly for fax services.

What we're noticing is that on occasion, certain fax machines will lose the ability to send/receive faxes.   When checking the gateway in call manager, everything looks normal and the port is registered ok.   Calling the number results in a ringing tone so everything seems ok and points at the fax machine being the problem.

However, when digging deeper and logging on to the gateway itself, running the #show voice call command, shows the last call received against the port in question as the last successful fax received, even though I'd made a test call to the port 2 minutes ago.

Checking another port on the same gateway shows it updating and accepting the call as normal.

Port affected:

2/4 -          -  -                     vpm level 1 state = FXSLS_ONHOOK
vpm level 0 state = S_UP
calling number 45814, calling name unavailable, calling time 02/11 11:31

Normal Port

2/0 -          -  -                     vpm level 1 state = FXSLS_ONHOOK
vpm level 0 state = S_UP
calling number 57348, calling name Andy Hewitt :-), calling time 02/11 16:25

Shutting and no shutting the FX port resolves the issue, but this is happening approx 2-3 times per day across machines on different gateways. 

Has anyone seen anything like this before, or can anyone suggest any other traces/logs I should run to shed more light on the issue or even any supplementary services I should add to the ports ?  I'm not an expert when it comes to this so haven't looked into debug or anything just yet.

Also to add, users have reported that disconnecting and reconnecting the fax machine from the floor port can sometimes re-activate the port?   I've not personally witnessed this, but it has been reported more than once.  Is it possible that a disconnect/reconnect puts a small voltage over the cable, enough to wake the port up?

Any suggestions welcome

Thanks - Andy

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