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VG224 problem with digits dialed


I've connected vg224 to cucm 7.1.5 as mgcp gateway and discovered the problem:

When I dial numbers contaning digits "2" or "6" I hear long silence and then busy signal. Today by using debug vpm signal command I discovered that this digits "2" and "6" are not identified and when I dial for example number 7029 finally vg224 gets 709.

After that I tried to connect the vg by sccp protocol. I did it. It seemed that problem disappered but after some testing time i discovered it again.

I noticed one interesting singularity: When I dial for example 7029. 7 (0.5 sec pressing for every button) gw does not see the digit 2 but when i dial like "7" 0.5 sec "0" 0.5 sec "2" one second and longer "9" 0.5 sec then gw SEES all the digits.

Could you help me?

Do you need result of any debug or concfiguration from vg224?

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VG224 problem with digits dialed

Under voice-port, try a different country, impedance, or input gain setting.

You can also try another phone.

Re: VG224 problem with digits dialed

I tried another phone multiple times I also tried different ports of VG224.

I will try tomorrow with input gain and impedance.

The funny thing that I have the same VG224 with the same IOS connected to the same CUCM as SCCP and it working FINE. Config of that VG224 is also the same.

The only thing that was changed is cptone RU on the working  VG224 but i really don't think this is so valueable.

On MGCP on both VG224 was cptone ru but one was working and the other not.

Could you suggest wether i can use commands when I use Sccp

router(config-voiceport)# timing 
digit milliseconds

Configure the DTMF digit signal duration. The range of the DTMF digit signal duration is from 50-100. The default is 100.

router(config-voiceport)# timing 
inter-digit milliseconds

Configure the DTMF interdigit signal duration. The range of the DTMF interdigit signal duration is from 50-500. The default is 100.


Re: VG224 problem with digits dialed

Hi Nickolay.

Have you tried another telephone? Not all phones have perfect DTMF generator.

Reagrds, Maxim

Re: VG224 problem with digits dialed

Yes I tried.

Actually 2 different types.

1 is analog TEST phone like this
2 I tried fax machine (I don't remember accually the vendor of it)

Even if the reason is in not correct dtmf generator of fax, what I should do to connect it, because I have to connect it.

Re: VG224 problem with digits dialed


On voice-port I used command

timing digit 500

and all of the dialed digits become read by vg224 properly.

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