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Video intercom integration with Cisco 8800 series phones


For a new project I am currently looking into video intercom options. I found the following which seems to be promising:

I have seen a youtube video that shows how it works with a Cisco 9971: Cisco IP phone & IP door intercom live demonstration - YouTube

However, I am interested to know if this will work with the new Cisco 8800 series phones. I assume it will work with the 8845 and 8865 as those come with a camera, but will the other 8800 series phones be able to display a video stream?

Does anyone have any experience with the 8800 series phones and video display or even better with video intercoms?

Thank you,


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We were able to get our hands on a 2N intercom unit and I was able to test it with a Cisco 8845.

It works fine. The video starts immediately after the call has been picked up.

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Marco,

I have seen video's like this in the past as well. This is not an officially supported use case, but users are doing it as shown here. The 88xx video phone 8845 and 8865 could theoretically do something like this as well, but again is not something we are calling out as a officially supported use case. To your point, the 8811, 8841, 8851, 8861 do not support video so they would not support this at all.

If you need more info feel to contact the IP Phone Team directly from our product pages:

Cisco IP Phone 8800 Series - Cisco



Thanks Mark, that helps.

We were able to get our hands on a 2N intercom unit and I was able to test it with a Cisco 8845.

It works fine. The video starts immediately after the call has been picked up.

Can someone point me in the direction of the documentation/instructions on how to get this setup in CUCM and on the phone configuration?  We have a different brand SIP intercom (Axis A8105-E) that we want to use for this function.

I'm looking for documentation on this as well.

Hello Greg, I am on the same situation. Did you make that work? I have 8845 and 8945 with Camera but the Axis Intercom is not working for Video, only Audio. The IP phone displays a message about Video cannot be established with the remote device. if you get it please post it here. I´ll appreciate it

After CUCM version 10.5.x, the Axis intercoms had this issue with Cisco phones. What we have had to do on every site is create a custom audio codec preference list and push the G.711 u and a law (Qty. 4) to the top with G.711 64K and 56K being 1st and 2nd. After that, we would either attach that to the existing regions or create a new region and just relate all others to that region. We would then create a device pool - Axis Intercoms and put all the intercoms in that device pool. You need to make sure that the Maximum Session Bit Rate for Video Calls is set to 2048 kbps to support the HD 720P streams on the newer phones.

Thanks for replying joshuarichmond, I already did it but still getting issues to establish Video.. Did make any special setup in the Axis portal settings?

Firmware we use is
Date/Time should match CUCM
VOIP Account Settings on the video tab - I am currently using CIF/SIF with 10 fps but I have also used 720P with no issues on the 8865/45 phones.

They don’t use the RTSP stream directly, it is via the SIP interface so no need to adjust anything in the Video section. The audio only applies to video management systems. With some, you have to specify G.711 instead of the default AAC in order to pull audio into the video management system.

Hello Joshua and All, I just wanted to provide my last feedback. I could fix the problem with Axis and also with Aiphone intercoms, after to followed up all advises, make a new Device Pool, Regions, etc , etc for Axis or Aiphone.. I also had to change the SIP 3rd party device from (Basic) to (Advanced) in CUCM. Also I made sure to have the check mark Retry Video Call as Audio in the device level config. after to make this quick change, Video get started to send Video from Intercom devices to Cisco IP Phone 8865 and 8945. I hope this can provide more information to more people looking for a solution on this. Thanks in advance

Todd Hebert
Level 5
Level 5


We use 2n for door security and it works fine with the 8845, 9900 series and Jabber.  I've noticed it prefers g.711 since moving primarily to g.729 on my network so just allow your regions to throttle up to 64k and you'll be all set.