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Virtual Memory on a CUCM Publisher that is on a VM Server

Tracee Baddley

For Call Manager version 10.5, Our publisher is on a VMWare server.


Our vmem usage stays at about 70% constant utilization since we upgraded to 10.5

That's a bit higher than it was when we were at version 8.6 on the same platform.  Is this anything to be concerned about?  Is there any benchmark or average % of virtual memory that a virtual server CM Publisher should run at?


Here are the main processes:





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Manish Gogna
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Tracee,

This looks normal unless you see some sudden spikes or Low memory alerts being generated. You can verify any VM leakage using RTMT as described in the following link

You can also check the output of following commands for any core dumps or related errors

utils dignose test

utils core active list





Greetings Tracee, 


I am coming across the same problem and was wondering if your issue has been resolved?  If so what actions were taken?  

I ran the diagnose test and all tests passed, i also checked and confirmed there's nothing listed under the utils core active list.  I compared your processes to mine and the only difference i see on mine is that I have java processes at VMSize- 1221756.  Below is my diagnose test output (I noticed the available disk space is less then 2GB's)

Starting diagnostic test(s)
test - disk_space          : Passed (available: 1767 MB, used: 12389 MB)
skip - disk_files          : This module must be run directly and off hours
test - service_manager     : Passed                      
test - tomcat              : Passed                      
test - tomcat_deadlocks    : Passed                      
test - tomcat_keystore     : Passed                      
test - tomcat_connectors   : Passed                      
test - tomcat_threads      : Passed                      
test - tomcat_memory       : Passed                      
test - tomcat_sessions     : Passed                      
skip - tomcat_heapdump     : This module must be run directly and off hours
test - validate_network    : Passed                      
test - raid                : Passed                      
test - system_info         : Passed (Collected system information in diagnostic log)
test - ntp_reachability    : Passed               
test - ntp_clock_drift     : Passed               
test - ntp_stratum         : Passed               
skip - sdl_fragmentation   : This module must be run directly and off hours
skip - sdi_fragmentation   : This module must be run directly and off hours

Diagnostics Completed

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