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Voice Gateway- FXO ports configuration

Hello Everyone,

Need some urgent help form Voice Experts please reply.

1. I have two fxo ports configured, one is for IVR and another is direct line on one cisco IP Phone and i used the commad connection plar for it.

    when i call from outside the call is forwarded to specific number (ex 1246) that is configured for direct line but when i disconnect the line from outside         call is infinitely ringing on IP Phone. I am unable to understand what setting it require.

voice-port 0/1/1

cptone SA

timeouts ringing 5

connection plar 1246

caller-id enable

2. As two FXO ports are configured one for direct line and another for IVR. I want to dedicate port 0/1/1 only for direct line for inbound and outbound calls. But when i dial the external call from any of the IP Phone it will pick either voice port 0/1/0 or 0/1/1 based on availability. I want to restrict port 0/1/1 only for direct line on only 1 IP Phone no other phones should use this FXO line.

3. When i call any number from outside IVR or Direct line and disconnect the line and dial again soon after disconnection. Gateway does not release the call for around 2 minutes. Even though there is no Inbound or Outbound call but still it show line busy signal.

Please Advice on the above issues.

I have attached the config file. Voice gateway is 2951 and Call Manager version is 8.6 (only one server as publisher), IP phone model is 7962

Rising star

Voice Gateway- FXO ports configuration

For problem 1 and 3 try to study this doc:

This is my FXO config, it works right:

voice class dualtone-detect-params 1

freq-max-deviation 25

freq-max-power 0

freq-min-power 13

freq-power-twist 4

cadence-variation 4



voice class custom-cptone UAE-CUSTOM-ALCATEL

dualtone disconnect

  frequency 425

  cadence 375 375

voice-port 2/0

supervisory disconnect dualtone mid-call

supervisory custom-cptone UAE-CUSTOM-ALCATEL

input gain -2

output attenuation 0

no non-linear

no vad

playout-delay nominal 100

playout-delay mode fixed

cptone IT

timeouts interdigit 5

timeouts call-disconnect 1

timeouts wait-release 1

timing guard-out 300

connection plar opx 510

description use LOOP_START

For the problem 2 tou can try to configure a COR list. Try to see this other doc:



Voice Gateway- FXO ports configuration

Hello Daniel

the voice port command what you have give is not working it's gives fast busy  line , you are customizing for you UAE why you are putting cpton  for Italy


Voice Gateway- FXO ports configuration

Hi Dris,

Can you please describe your problem.

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