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Rajesh Kalra

Voice Mail in SRST


I have an HQ site which has Call Manager 8.6 cluster. I have a remote site which has a 3945 voice gateway,IP Phones and unity connection 8.6 as the voicemail server. The HQ and remote sites are connected with WAN.

Question: Normally when WAN is down or CUCM cluster is not available(SRST mode) we know that voicemail facility is not available, as SRST provides basic incomin/outgoing calls etc.

But this being a typical scenario, where the voice mail server is local the voice gateway, is it possible to provide voicemail facility also in SRST?

I think it may be possible by playing with dial-peer configuration in the voice gateway. Can somebody please advise on this. Has anybody done this in the past?


Anas Abueideh


you can use voicemail over pstn. you need to configure the voicemail pilot under srst config, then create dial-peer with the required translation.

when you call the voicemail DID at HQ you have 2 options:

1- configure alternate extension under the user settings for each user. the alternate extension will be the DID for the user in the branch

2- configure redirecting number. in this case you don't need alternate extension, but you need the PSTN provider to support this feature. you need to configure redirect at the outbound from Branch side, and configure redirect at the inbound from the HQ side.



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Hi Abu,

Thanks for your reply.

I was looking more for an internal dial-peer option to unity connection in SRST mode.

I had once integrated CME with unity in the past and was wondering if similar dial-peer logic can be used, ie.

when WAN is up all calls get routed from VGW dial-peer to CUCM cluster.

when WAN is up using dial-peer we activate the dial-peer to unity connection.

Is it possible ?


In SRST mode there is no WAN connection.

if you want to use unity connection for CME, try to create end user and associate it with device profile with the same extension of CME phone. use the primary extension hen import the user to unity connection.

after that try to press the voicemail button and check if it is working.



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GW cannot talk directly to CUCM, you would need to run it as CME, but that would make very little sense.

If you are looking for survivability options you should look into SRSV which is now bundled with UCXN 9.1.

If you are looking to simply re-route calls via PSTN in case of WAN outage then you can do that via DTMF method for analog trunks, or natively via PRI as long as RDNIS is working on both sides.

Your above scenarios covered situations when WAN is up, so what would be the reason for this question under that condition?




Yes you can allow VOice mail for SRST , kindly find my below configuration ;- My example that your voice mail pilot number is 3000 nd your DID no is xxxxxxxx....

on SRST router :-


ip source-address x.x.x.x  port 5000

max-dn 48

max-ephone 24

dialplan-pattern 1 xxxxxxxx... extension-length 4

voicemail 9xxxxxxxx3300

call-forward busy 9xxxxxxxx3300

call-forward noan 9xxxxxxxx3300 timeout 10

Make sure also that

Step 1 From any page in Cisco CallManager, click Device and Gateway.

Step 2 From the Find and List Gateways page, click Find.

Step 3 From the Find and List Gateways page, choose a device name.

Step 4 From the Gateway Configuration page, check Redirecting Number IE Delivery - Outgoing

Thank you

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