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Voice Translation-Rule Config Outgoing Calls Generate Random Numbers

Hai Guys


Have a nice day

I bought 100 numbers from the provider as follows:
02180680300 - 02180680399

I want to configure the VG translation rule so that outgoing calls are random numbers from 02180680300 - 02180680399.


Here is the configuration I have done:
voice translation-rule 1
rule 1 /^7\(......$\)/ /02180680300/

voice translation-rule 2
rule 1 /^9\(.*\)/ /\1/
voice translation-profile OUTGOING
translate calling 1
translate called 2


Please suggest the voice translation rules.




Accepted Solutions

Roger Kallberg
VIP Advisor

Hi there,
What you ask for is simply not possible to achieve with voice translation rules and profiles.

Might I ask what use case you have for presenting a random number from your DID range?

If what you mean is to show the actual calling numbers from your DID range your rule should look like this.

voice translation-rule 1
 rule 1 /^7…\(...$\)/ /02180680\1/

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Hai @Roger Kallberg  


Thanks for the reply,
I don't use DID. I want to apply random outgoing number on the same Extension number.


Example of random outgoing numbers from the same extension:

  • first call Extension 7234567 > outgoing number 02180680308
  • second call Extension 7234567 > outgoing number 02180680322
  • third call Extension 7234567 > outgoing number 02180680367
  • fourth call Extension 7234567 > outgoing number 02180680383

And next call ......


In the range of numbers I bought at the provider 02180680300 - 02180680399 (100 number).



Your assigned numbers from your service provider is per definition DIDs.

It is not possible to do what you ask about with voice translation rules as all your extensions are the same. What you could do is to set an External Phone Number Mask on the directory number, with the DID number that you want to present for calls from the specific directory number, and then set the external call routing to use the EPNM when sending the call to your voice gateway.

To be clear this will not give you a random number per call from your range of provided DIDs. It would present a specific number for a call from the specific directory number assigned to a specific device.

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Hi @Roger Kallberg 


Thanks for the reply.

Can you give a guide link for External Phone Number Mask on cucm?


Thank you

Not much to link to as it’s a check box on the route pattern(s) or translation pattern(s), whichever you use, and a setting on the directory number in the device specific section on each directory number.

Recommend you to have a look at this chapter in the system configuration guide.

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