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Voicemail or time schedules for a Hunt Group?

I have a hunt group number that currently if someone calls will be routed through to multiple phones in one of our departments.  Currently, this number will ring internal phones even if we are closed.  This department is asking if it is possible to associate this number with a schedule, which is how we have our primary business phone number.  If that is not possible, they were wondering if maybe just give it a voice mailbox so that they can call back anyone they miss after-hours.

I've been trying to re-configure this but haven't had any luck.  I'm not sure this is even possible.  Our primary phone line goes through CCX and Unity which I believe is how the time is scheduled.  During on hours callers get the On Hours greeting, while after hours they get our Closed greeting.  To be honest, I'm not sure how that is configured - I just know it works :)

I've tried to set the hunt group to forward unanswered or busy calls to my own DN to test to see if it would go to my voicemail box, but weirdly it goes to our after-hours greeting which I really don't understand why.  There is a checkbox option on the Hunt Lists that says "For Voice Mail Usage", but checking that doesn't change anything so I'm not sure what that does.

We have CUCM 9.1.2, Unity 9.1.2 and CCX 9.0.2.  Any help is appreciated!



If you would like the unanswered calls from hunt pilot to go to unity and be attended then you would need to put your unity hunt pilot/Route pattern number in hunt pilot configuration page against the following setting: Forward Hunt No Answer

Also on Unity you will need to make a voicemail box with the extension of the huntpilot.

Now when the hunt is over the call should go the voicemail box of the hunt pilot in unity.


You might need to change the call routing in the existing setup.

 1) Send the call to unity initially the moment it lands on CUCM.

 2) Make a Call handler on unity.

 3) Use the scheduling feature in unity and associate it with Call handler.

a) You can send the call to Hunt pilot on Call manager if its open hours.

b) Or you can send the call to a designated voicemail box in Closed hours.

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Adarsh Chauhan

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Adarsh Chauhan
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