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Voicemails going to Example Administrator....

I'm hoping someone can help me with troubleshooting how voicemails are occasionally ending up in the Example Administrator mailbox in Unity.

I understand how and why they can get routed to it but (as far as I can see) I've removed every avenue that a call can take to get there...

Essentially under Call Routing we havee 2 rules.

Rule 1 - 'Attempt Sign-in'  - sends call to 'attempt sign-in'

Rule 2 - Default Call Handler - attempts transfer to 'Opening Greeting'

                    - 'Opening Greeting' Call Handler plays a short message saying 'Welcome to Unity Voicemail' and then sends to the caller to 'Example                     Administrator' which in turn plays a short greeting saying 'this user does not have an active voicemail account' and then hangs up the call.

call routing.jpg

I've tested this to death and never ever get a chance to leave a message.....however we have a couple of members of the public who somehow manage to end up leave voice messages in the Example Administator mailbox. None of our mailboxes are full so they can't be being diverted there due to a full mailbox. There's a persistent 'offender' (who's a 66 year old lady) and a couple of other semi-regulars. Unfortuantely it's hard to find out what number they actually dialled but I can'[t for the life of me work out how they get to leave messages in the 'example administrator' mailbox when the bloody thing is configured to not let people leave messages. It's really starting to annoy me now!

What would be the best way to start tracking down how the odd call is getting transfered it and is there anything I have completely forgotten about?

In addition to that, we get the very occasional VM that has been through the 'Example Interview' Interview Handler.......I've no idea how they're getting to that one!!! How would I go about tracking the call routing for a call to pass through the intervier handler?

Any help will be greatly appreciated!



Re: Voicemails going to Example Administrator....

Check the caller input options for your call handlers and follow every possible scenario. Could the caller be choosing to go to a directory handler or other call handler?


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