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VOIP between (2) 1552 Wireless Bridge. Should I use G.729?

Hello all,

I have this scenario where we have about 15 cisco phones at a remote site which is pretty much across the street and they are connected via 2 1552 wireless bridges outdoor.  Currently we are using CUCM 8.5 with that region is using G.711.  I started to notice some quality issues between this site.  I was thinking of dropping it down to G.729 as the 1552 Wireless Bridge do not support Qos.  It is best effort only.  Any input is appreciated.

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paolo bevilacqua
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Contrary to common belief, G.729 behaves worst than G.711 in presence of packet loss. A better codec, perhaps, would be iLBC. However I have many customer using wirelss and everything works perfectly without any QoS configures, so I recommend you check the antenna for perfect alignement, etc.