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my institution has callmanager 8. The problem is main business number is giving a busy signal when dialed. All other extensions are working fine. This started happening after a power outage. I am not very strong on troubleshooting the phone system and this is the first time that I ran across an issue like this one. Can anyone advise me on how to find the problem? I need help because unless someone knows the extension of the party they wish to call, the outside world receives a busy signal.

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Troubleshooting will vary based on whether you are using SIP, H323 or MGCP on the gateway.

If using H323 try running some debugs to verify the call is coming in correctly, correct digits are being sent to CUCM and correct dial peers are being matched. Try:

debug isdn q931 or debug voip dialpeer plus term mon.

Then trace the call once it comes into CUCM. Does it go to Unity Connection for an Auto Attendant? Does it go to UCCX to be routed? If so may need to reset the CTI ports connecting to these servers.

Let us know more details of your set up and we may be able to offer some troubleshooting suggestions.



Thank you very much!!!


I reset the CTI port. The extension is responding now.


Thanks again for the advice. Now it's on to another network fire to put out.