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Welcome to the Cisco TelePresence SX20 Quick Set Announcement Overview Webcast

Laura Douglas
Level 6
Level 6

Welcome to those of you who are joining the live Cisco TelePresence SX20 Quick Set Announcement Overview Webcast live announcement overview webcast this morning, January 24 from 9 - 9:30 a.m. Pacific Time.  We hope it provides you with a great overview of this recently announced Cisco TelePresence product. Thank you for your time and interest!

The live webcast will begin at 9:00 a.m. Pacific Time and end at approx 9:10 with live Q

If you do have questions during the webcast, submit them through the community using the "Post Your Question" button next to the embedded webcast player.  If you have questions after the live briefing has completed, we encourage you to post them to this community discusion forum.  You can post by clicking on the "start a discussion' link here and in the blue box in the first column of the TelePresence community space. No login is required. 

We also appreciate you completing our webcast evaluation after the live webcast so we know what you liked and what we can improve on for next time. We want to continue to bring you valuable content within the Cisco Collaboration Community.  For those watching the replay, we encourage you to post similar feedback in respond to this post. 

If you missed the live briefing, a replay will be available on demand by January 27.

Laura Douglas

Cisco Collaboration Community Manager


1. Go to the "TelePresence" space within the main Cisco Collaboration Community and click on the "Register / Attend on Jan 24" button where the live webcast is promoted  (direct URL is:

NOTE:  If you have not registered or have registered but cleared your cookies or are viewing on another device, you will need to register via the embedded registration form (sorry!). 

2.  After you've registered, you will see an embedded player on the page.  At 9:00 the live webcast will start playing in that embedded player and we estimate it will be about 10 minutes in duration.  We have experts on the community answering your questions during the live webcast almost real-time.  When the webcast is completed, you will see looping slides indicating to submit questions and complete the evaluation, or a notice indicating the webcast has completed and will be available on demand shortly.  After the live webcast, we encourage you to continue to ask questions through the community and strive for a 1 business day turnaround.

3. If you any challenges, please post your issue below and indicate what browser you are using (brand and version)

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Laura Douglas
Level 6
Level 6

Great news ... we will be posting the replay of the live webcast on demand here on January 24, sooner than the January 27 post date we anticipated.  I will post a comment here when available.

Laura Douglas

Cisco Collaboration Community Manager

The webcast replay is now available! 

  1. Go to the TelePresence SX20 webcast feature.
  2. Click on the blue button "Register/Watch Now".
  3. If you have not registered, you will need to complete the brief registration form before you can access the webcast video.
  4. If you are already registered or once you register, the video will display automatically after clicking "Register/Watch Now".

Let me know if you have questions...

Jill Hundley

Collaboration Community Team