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What components are needed in a CMBE deployment?

We have been deploying the Cisco Smart Business Communications System, and have also previously deployed the Linksys One solution. We are interested in deploying the Cisco Unified CME on ISR, Cisco Unified SRST, and Cisco Unified CMBE solutions in addition to the SBCS solution.

What components are needed to deploy the Cisco Unified CMBE solution? We usually connect the customer to the PSTN through a SIP gateway, and we usually do not need to terminate any voice T-1s. We will use broadband that is faster than T-1 or bonded T-1 (such as Verizon FiOS) if it is available, but we are not always able to get affordable broadband with upload speeds faster than ADSL or T-1. We might still need to terminate FXO trunks for backup in case an Internet connection is down. We use SIP providers that support G.711 mu-law, G.711 A-law, and G.729, and need to be able to handle calls that use any of these codecs. We also want to be able to transcode, conference, monitor, and record phone calls.

What certifications or specializations do we need to obtain in order to sell the Cisco Unified CMBE solution?

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