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Adrian Martinez

What does this voice translation-rule actually do?

voice translation-rule 1

rule 1 /^9/ //

voice translation-profile 1

translate called 1

paolo bevilacqua
Hall of Fame Master

It will remove the leaning 9 from any number that begins with 9.


So if I understand you correctly, when a user dials 91305XXXXXXX, that voice translation rule will remove the leading 9 and then send the remaining digits, in this case 1305XXXXXXX, is that correct?

Yes and to translation profile needs to be applied to a dial-peer.

In this case it should be a voip dial-peer, because for pots the digit strip happens automatically.

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dial-peer voice 107 pots

description 11_DIGIT_LD_CALLS

destination-pattern 91[2-9]..[2-9]......

port 0/0/0:23

forward-digits 11

So in the above example, I would NOT apply the translation-profile to remove the 9, because the default behavior of POTS dial peers is to strip the digits that are defined in the destination-pattern.  In the above example, the 9 is defined in the destination-pattern, so the 9 is automatically stripped and because the forward-digits 11 command is there, the remaining 11 digits would be transmitted.  For example if the user dials 91305XXXXXXX, the 9 is stripped automatically and 1305XXXXXXX is transmitted, correct?

Can you think of a reason for an H.323 voice gateway to ever have a need for a translation-profile to remove the 9 from a VOIP dial-peer?  For example, if a user dials 91305XXXXXXX, why would there be a need to send all those digits internally over VoIP?

It all depends on your scenario or the scenarion in question. E.g if the dial-peer points to a sip trunk for PSTN access. Users are used to dialling 9 to make outbound calls however a voip dial-peer does not strip the 9 so without stripping the 9 from the dial-peer the whole digit, 9 inclusive will be sent to the telco and the call will fail. The 9 in this case can be stripped either using CUCM translation patterns if you are using cucm or translation rules on the gateway. If you are using only CUCME then the only option is to use translation rules...This is just one example...

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