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What is required to configure transcoding on AS5400xm

I have g729 calls coming from CUCM v8.0. to a AS5400xm CUBE. I'd like to convert all the calls to g711 at the CUBE before sending the call to its destination point.

I'm wondering what commands and configurations are required in order to make this happen?

Jaime Valencia
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

Thanks! The doc is along the lines of what I'm looking for.. but I think I have some follow up questions.. or need to be more specific.

In many of the docs that I came across, transcoding is done from H323 to SIP.. in my case, here is the set up I'm working with..

Phone1 (SIP/g729) connected to --> CUCM (configured with SIP_Trunk pointed to As5400 CUBE using SIP/g729)-->  CUBE (where I want transcoding configured)-->

In other words, the call is already SIP.. I just want to configure the CUBE to take that SIP/g729 call and convert it to SIP/g711ulaw.

Most of the stuff I saw was for calls that were coming into the CUBE as H323 and being converted to SIP.

May I ask why you are using g.729 on your CUCM cluster?  I am just curious.

Its what the customer uses in their network at the demarc point where they want to hand off the call to our devices.

Oh gotcha man.  I thought you were the customer I didn't know that you were the telco.

You can invoke xcoder on CUBE for SIP<->SIP calls...

Starting IOS ver 12.4(11)XJ, transcoding is supported on  AS5xxxXM CUBE with AS5x-FC/AS5x-PVDM2-64.
It is supported on AS5xxxXM CUBE deployment and  *NOT*  supported for a CUCM controlled xcoder deployment.
For sample config, pl see:
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