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What is the difference between VOIP and IP Telephony



I am a newbee to this area. I have some knowledge on IP telephony. I want to know from you folks whether I am right.

IP telephony involves integrating your digital PBX into your data network for making phone calls over the same network and to other networks over an existing IP network.

VOIP involves using QoS supported routers and switches and also Cisco Voip phones for making calls in the network and also to remote destinations where we have an existing IP data connection.

Am i right or not. Please shed some more information about this. Thank you

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VoIP is 'Voice over the Internet Protocol' - the Layer 3 protocol that defines how voice travels over a LAN/WAN network.

IPT stands for IP Telefony. IP telephony transmits voice communications over the network using open, standards-based Internet Protocol.

Today these systems are complete voice-system , including callcontrol software and end-devices such as phones. Also these systems have open API's to interconnect with third party applications and support video to make a complete Unified Communication

David Hailey

These days, both of these terms are often used interchangeably.  However, they are technically different.  Neither is vendor-specific - in other words, saying VoIP or IPT does not inherently mean "Cisco" or "Avaya" or "", etc.  Here are the major differences:

VoIP is a protocol.  Specifically, it just defines a means for voice to travel over IP vs. the traditional TDM/POTS methods.  When you say, we use "VoIP" you are simply saying that you are making phone calls over IP on a converged network (typically) that prioritizes (recommended) voice and data traffic.

IP Telephony or IPT is more of an infrastructure-related term.  Your IPT infrastructure would include your IP-PBX, gateways, IP phones, and etc.  Your IPT infrastructure could be any vendor but it is the backbone or the core of what you are using to fully implement a VoIP environment.


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