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Where can I get localization files for SIP firmware?


Hi everyone,


I have a request from a couple people that need the SIP firmware locale to be set in their languages. I know SIP firmware uses JAR files for translation, but I can't seem to locate them anywhere. I need the mk-sip.jar for 7942 in Brazilian Portugese for starters, but it might be nice to find where to download them for future needs.


Thank you for any help.





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Mohammed al Baqari
VIP Advisor VIP Advisor
VIP Advisor
Are you using CME or CUCM? For both these are located in Cisco download
portal. Just select the version of the CME and you will get a list of what
you want to download including localization file.

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Hi Mohammed,


These are on Asterisk/FreePBX or Elastix. I am not using either CME or CUCM for these. However, are the files I need for SIP firmware also in there?


I managed to figure it out. I extracted the mk-sip.jar file from the CUCM package and that worked. If anyone else is facing this issue to translate a SIP firmware converted device:
1. Open the po-locale-pt_BR-k3- with 7ZIP or other such software.

2. Naviage to usr/locale/cm/tftp/

3. You will see a folder with the name of your user locale (example portugese_brazil)

4. Navigate to that folder and extract the file you need (in my case, mk-sip.jar)

5. Put that in a folder in your tftp structure (in my case portugese_brazil)

6. include the User Locale information in your SEP file and remember to put in the language code for your locale (my case pt_BR)


That should solve it. Just need to observe the file version that works with the SIP firmware you have. In my case, V9 SIP firmware with V12 as above.



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