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which feature on CUCM 4.2 tell to user that am already online and ask him to wait?

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Hello All,

I use a cisco CUCM 4.2. I want to know which fetaure allow to do one thing:

When i am speaking with user A for example on my Ip Phone and user B call me, that it receives a message telling him that I am already in communication, and ask him to wait. (for example : the user that you try to contact is already online, please wait)

I want to know which feature can help me to do this on cisco CUCM 4.2 and how to do it?

This is normally different from MoH which just play a music while the phone rings.


Best Regards,

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VIP Alumni


Can you firstly look at the line on your phone.

Look at the 2 settings

Max No of Calls

Busy trigger

Your max number of calls try a setting of 4

Busy trigger try 2

Apply and save -- you need a restart to make effictive

Now when you when you are on a call and an other calls you they will hear ring tone but you should hear a beep

telling you that you have another call waiting.



Regards, Alex. Please rate useful posts.


That's a setting i already have. see below

Multiple Call / Call Waiting Settings
Maximum Number of Calls*4
Busy Trigger*2

But when i am on a call and an other call me, i would like they hear a message of type : I am already online, please wait.

If when i am on a call and an other call me and hear just a ring tone,he may believe that I am here but I wan't to answer but when he hear a message (i am already online, please wait), he know that i am online and he could wait or callback.

Best Regards,


On the basic call manager there is no way to give you the advanced

feature you are after.

You may be able to do this by routing your incoming calls via UNITY and

perforing a supervised transfer with a repeating loop for a busy line.



Regards, Alex. Please rate useful posts.
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