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Wireless configuration on 871

Duwaine Winder

Hello, my situation is this ....


HQ - 2901 CME 8.6

Site1-4 - 871W (wireless not configured)

Site 5 - 871W (wireless configured)

All sites except Site 5 can successfully establish internal and external calls with 2 way audio. 

Site 5 can successfully establish connection internal and external. However there is 1 way audio on internal calls; no audio heard from Site 5, but Site 5 can hear any other Site. External calls (routed through HQ to pstn) can establish successful connection with 2way audio. The 1 way audio for Site 5 occurs on both wired 7941 and wireless 7925g. 

The only difference between the configuration on the 871W at Site 5 is the wireless when compared to the config on the 871W at Site 1-4. 

Has anyone experienced this and what can I do to resolve?

Thank you. 


Philip D'Ath

Since your phones are not WiFi models - it will have no impact on your issue.

How are the sites connected together?

Hello Philip, Sites 1-4 do not have wifi configured at all. Site 5 has wifi configured, and both wired and wireless ip phones cannot establish 2 way audio for internal calls, but can for external calls. 

The issue wont be because WiFi is enabled.  It could be because the config is simply wrong.

If you want to convince yourself, shut down the wireless and make sure the problem still happens.

Try comparing the config between a working site and a broken site and see what differences you can find.


this is , most likely, a routing issue.

Can you please check if Site 5 IP Phones subnet is able to reach other Sites IP Pohnes subnets?

From 871W at Site 5 , you can do an extended ping to test the connectivity.

Please let us know



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Hello Carlo, I will test and let you know the result. 

Most of the times one-way audio is due to routing issues.

Please try ping from voice subnet on HQ and voice subnet on site 5, the easiest way to do this is to use the extended ping on the router of site 5:

ping ip <hq voice subnet ip add on router hq> source <s5 voice subnet ip add on router s5>

i.e. ping ip source

if this fails you can try "trace route" to find out where routes are missing.

Make sure there are no access-lists blocking traffic also.



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