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dears is it possible to implement WSA in explicit mode and spoofing enabled . i think this will not work if the web site is ipv4 only. because: wsa could not initiate a traffic with IP-source v6 (client IP) and IP-destination v4. this will not work o...

ohassairi by Contributor
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hello all, I have a quick question about subnetting IPv6. in IPv4, when you subnet, you are not allowed to use certain addresses in the subnet, namely first and last address, because they are network and broadcast. however, I understand that there is...

Revising for CCNP route and look at the different types of NAT for IPv6 avavilable. Bit confused about dual stack, NAT64, NPTv6. Are there any others I have missed? From what I understand..   Dual Stack - ?? is this the same thing as NAT64? NAT64 - I...

NetMonkey by Beginner
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hi   we are planing to implement dual stack. in internet edge we have 2 routers (hsrp)  connected to our ISP 2 routers. (one ISP having 2 routers for redundancy) we use BGP. in case ISP line 1 goes down traffic will be redirected to ISP line2. ----R1...

ohassairi by Contributor
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Resolved! IPv6 addressing

Hello Experts, Can anyone please point out what is wrong with this config? R13(config-if)#ipv6 address 2018:1234:4567:abcd/64% Incomplete command.---Trying EUI-64 addressing--- R13(config-if)#ipv6 address 2018:1234:4567:abcd/64 eui? % Unrecognized co...

Have Comcast Business - static IPv4 & IPv6. I am using a PFSense firewall connected to the modem and a 3560g with ip services connected to everything else. The IPv4 config is PFsense: <static public IP> to to on the 35...

If my memory serves me right, I think I read somewhere saying "OSPFv3 multiprotocol will only use IPv6 address for updates and keepalive." Is this still valid? If so, can someone give me some detailed explanation on why IPv4 address can not be used f...

m1xed0s by Contributor
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Hi, I am having trouble understanding the multiple IPv6 addresses on windows client setup for DHCP. I am seeing total of 6 IPv6 addresses. I was hoping to see only 3, one IPv6 address, one temporary address (if needed), and one link-local address. Ho...

S891 by Explorer
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Hi, i'm trying to configure a voip environment in packet tracer using ipv6, maybe i have some doubts in dhcpv6 configurations but its worked for pc, i mean the Ip phones doesn't recognise the ip and still showing Configuring Vlan. I know how to confi...

Hey Guys,   I have 2 routers connected back to back. R1 and R2. On R1, I've configured an IPv6 address 4444::2/64. Now on R2, I've configured the same IPV6 address 4444::2/64.   When I see the show ipv6 interface on R2, it detects the address as dupl...

Noel by Beginner
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