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IPv6 over dialer and Radius

Hello,On an 800 series router I have the following error in the logs :%IPV6_ND-4-OLPFXCON: Prefix 2001:db8:aaaa:0012::/64 advertised in RA on Dialer0 has been previously configured on another interfaceThe router configuration is as follows :interface...

sebastien3 by Beginner
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How to config 4PE with SRv6 in IOS-XR

https://www.ietf.org/id/draft-ietf-bess-ipv6-only-pe-design-00.html#name-test-3-e2e-ipv6-only-pe-ce-5.3.  Test-3 E2E IPv6-Only PE-CE, Global Table over IPv6-Only Core (4PE), 4to6 Softwire  ________ IPv6-Only _...

Kagamigawa by Beginner
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E-mail IPv6 Fallback to IPv4

Hello, imagine we have 2 mail relay that need to communicate and both are dual stack. What happens if the ipv6 communication is down between both end ? does the sender will try the ipv4 after a delay ?  

Resolved! ipv6 address on subinterfaces

Hello, R1's gig1 is connected with r2's gig1.R1-------------R2 I have created subinterfaces on R1 and R2. and assigned IPv6 addresses to newly created subinterfaces.R1ipv6 unicast-routingRouter#show run int g1.2interface GigabitEthernet1.2encapsulati...

IPv6 prefix interpretation

I have a very basic question about IPv6 prefix. Taking a very simple example about prefix notation:"2001:db8:abcd:0012::0/64"My question is: Do we call the whole thing under quote as prefix or just the value after back slash?In general term, I unders...

Resolved! EIGRP snmp and IPv6 Adresses

Hi! we have just setup some tunnels using IPv6 only and now I am trying to monitor those tunnels using snmp.Unfortunately pysnmp as well as check_eigrp (perl) are not so easy to use with IPv6.So I am trying to work myself into this topic.I am using s...

Resolved! OSPFv3 Authentication IPSEC SPI/Logging issues

Hello,I'm running into a problem with our Cisco ASR-1002HX and ASR-1006X. I have a mix of Juniper and Cisco routers all configured exclusively with IPv6. All of our routers are in the same ospfv3 area 0. We are required to configure OSPF authenticati...

pbgrasso81 by Beginner
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Cisco 4221 Router IPv6 Problem

Hi, Our Cisco 4221 routers we use, won't join the "all routers multicast group" FF02::2 after enabling ipv6 unicast-routing and configuring the interface with ipv6. Sometimes we have to disable "ipv6 unicast-routing" and enabling it again to get it w...

rbo by Beginner
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