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Hi,Is there a way to make a router sends RA only under certains conditions ?For example i would like a router to sends RA only if a specific SLA is true of if the uplink interface (WAN) is UP/UP, etc.Any ideas ?Regards,Martin

Can some one please explain the two different behaviour of MTU as per below output :In the first output why we dont see the packet loss although the packet size is bigger than the MTU size.where as in the output 2 we notice the packet loss where as t...

rajput001 by Beginner
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I am experimenting with IPV6 and have three devices in my test network.  They are setup as follows:UC520 using BVI:   FD:0:0:1::1/64Windows Server1:  FD:0:0:1::5/64Windows Server2:  FD:0:0:1::6/64I am using the following commands on the Ciscoipv6 uni...

tato386 by Frequent Contributor
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I recently start to have IPv6 BGP Peer, at first I try to block all the link local address at my interface incoming ACL but after a while I notice that there has many match log on the deny link local address. I want to know is it a correct thing to n...

hiukei by Beginner
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Hello,I have problem with IPv6 connectivity on Cisco 881 (IOS Version 15.2(1)T1). Router randomly (after a few days) looses IPv6 connection to ISP and only reloading router resolves the issue. IPv4 connectivity works normally. What would be the best ...

mocah by Beginner
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Hello,Please see attached topology and configuration files.I've configured a "Configured Tunnel" mechanism for IPv6 to IPv4 transition. However, i tried to ping from, for example R3 to R4 and vice versa but is not working. I typed "show ipv6 interfac...

Resolved! IPv6 Subnetting

Hello,So far, as i understood from different web searches and resource materials, the Internet Registry (ARIN, for example) provides a /32 address block to Top ISP. The Top ISP provides a /48 to customers or to normal ISPs (Lower ISPs). Finally, the ...

Hi,I am trying to virtualize router and physical interface to test daul stack topology. This is one of my test 1841 routers which is failing enable OSPFv3 on a subif associated with a vrf while ospfv2 works fine with IPv4 interface FastEthernet0/1.59...

901563ravi by Beginner
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Hi,has anybody successfully managed to get a working IPv6 session between a Cisco and a Juniper router using Link Local IPs?I got it working between two cisco routers and two Juniper Routers but not with the two different vendors.Configuration on the...

rund by Beginner
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Hi.Please, can you explain why I am not able to select tunnel mode "ipv6ip" on my switch. I would like to configure tunnel from Hurricane tunnelbroker.net.switch-cisco-lab-cor(config-if)#tunnel mode ?  aurp    AURP TunnelTalk AppleTalk encapsulation ...

which switch will work in ipv6 plz can u suggest me we have 2960g and 3560 is it work for ipv6 ws-C3560-24t-SV02---Posted by WebUser Venkatesh Murthy Gowda

fb_webuser by Frequent Contributor
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I want to start testing and playing with IPv6. I barely (and I use that term lightly) understand the way ipv6 works,  but comming from a strong ipv4 background it shouldnt be that difficult.  My question is how do I get an internet ipv6 assigned to m...

I'm running IOS adventerprisek9.03.04.00.S.151-3.S.binRouter1(config-subif)#standby 1 ipv6 ? X:X:X:X::X  IPv6 link-local address autoconfig  Obtain address using autoconfiguration I tried to enable Global unicat as an IPv6 address and unfortunately I...

Gsiaw by Beginner
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