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Hello Goodight. I am configuring a network to use IPV6 tunnelling over IPV4 I completed the configuration I am able to ping work stations through ipv4 but I cannot ping through IPV6 will post packet tracer file below. Any explanation or help will be ...

Resolved! NDP DRP vs HSPv6

Hello all, In a IPv4 LAN section where we have two routers, we offer HSRP VIP towards end-hosts for redundancy purposes. In a IPv6 LAN section, what is the best equivalent solution?  a) Use NDP DRP with different preference value (High/Medium) betwee...

Hello all, I am a foreign exchange student at the University of Michigan. I'm beyond behind in my networking class. Was wondering if anybody was willing to help with all the commands for the configurations provided. This may be a hassle to ask for bu...

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Hi,I'm reading up for the CCNA, so that is the level of knowledge i have and understanding i'm going for.Recently i learned about the solicited-node multicast address. I learned that if your router needs to ping a neighbor and the router does not hav...

trane.m by Level 1
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during configuring the ipv6 on the router interface I notice the tentative state. Can someone make an explanation what is a tentative state for the ipv6 interface?Router#show ipv6 inter gigabitEthernet 0/1 GigabitEthernet0/1 is down, line protocol is...

Hello,I've got a new situation to work around and looking for suggestions. I run a WISP and we've recently started using a new vendor for wireless access and their hardware blocks most types of broadcasts in the downstream direction to the subscriber...

warben61 by Level 1
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Hi, cisco community team;help to respond on below related to NDP1.SeND defines a set of New Neighbor Discovery options. Select the options in the list below:(choose all)a.CGA Optionb.RSA Signature Optionc.TLS optiond.MD5 optione.CPS Option2. The Neig...

hello and best regard I'm trying to learn ipv6 subnet after watch a lot videos i cant understand it can anyone solve this question?Ipv6 address block 2001:0DB3:ABCD::/48. perform IPV6 subnetting and list the first three subnets and first usable addre...

I need to introduce ipv6. Does it follow the same way of using private IPv6 address on the inside network (for users, switches/routers) and NAT'ing to Public IPv6 on the outside of firewall?