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Compatibility between ipv4 and ipv6.


                   Hi All,

We are trying to setup a network where i have two ISP's for connection towards internet and both the ISP are using ipv4 .

We wanted to configure redundancy between these ISP's and we have webhosting as well.

So we purchased some IP's and those ip's are  ipv6 .

So is it possible for us to use this ipv6 ip's for users going to interet and our webhosting purpose .


James Leinweber

IPv4 and IPv6 don't interoperate; they merely coexist, the same way protocols like Appletalk and Netware used to.  You should lean on your ISP's to offer you native IPv6 support.  Unfortunately, in 2013 most of your clients will still only have IPv4, so any services you make IPv6-only will be inaccessible to 99% of the global internet (Google's traffic is running 1% IPv6 currently).  Try to make your outward facing services dual-stack, supporting both IPv4 and IPv6.  By 2017 most clients should have IPv6.

-- Jim Leinweber, WI State Lab of Hygiene

thank you Jim .

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