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IPv6 not working over dot1q-tunnel ?




we have a dot1q tunnel to our co-location
and can ping the servers in the co-location
over IPv4, but not over IPv6. The servers
get an IPv6 address through the dot1q tunnel
from the router interface per stateless
address autoconfiguration, but I can't reach
the servers over IPv6. Between the servers
on each site of the tunnel IPv6 is working.


I was thinking dot1q tunnel is layer 2 and
IPv4/IPv6 doesn't matter ?


Is there something special to configure for
IPv6 through a dot1q tunnel ?



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what 'debug ipv6' commands are available on the tunnel switches ? 


debug ipv6 ?

se44e142#debug ipv6 ?
  access-list  IPv6 access list debugging
  address      IPv6 addresses debugging
  cef          IPv6 CEF information
  dhcp         IPv6 DHCP debugging
  eigrp        Debug IPv6 EIGRP
  icmp         ICMPv6 debugging
  interface    IPv6 interface debugging
  mfib         IP Multicast forwarding information base
  mld          Multicast Listener Discovery
  mrib         Multicast Route DB
  multicast    Debug multicast related information
  nd           IPv6 Neighbor Discovery debugging
  ospf         OSPF debug commands
  packet       IPv6 packet debugging
  pim          Protocol Independent Multicast
  platform     IPv6 platform specific events
  policy       IPv6 policy-based routing debugging
  pool         IPv6 prefix pool debugging
  rip          RIP Routing Protocol debugging
  routing      IPv6 routing table debugging
  rpf          IPv6 reverse path forwarding debugging
  snooping     IPv6 snooping
  wccp         WCCP IPv6 debugging

sdohu-02#debug ipv6 ?
  access-list   IPv6 access list debugging
  address       IPv6 addresses debugging
  cef           IPv6 CEF information
  dhcp          IPv6 DHCP debugging
  dhcp-ldra     IPv6 DHCP LDRA debugging
  eigrp         Debug IPv6 EIGRP
  icmp          ICMPv6 debugging
  interface     IPv6 interface debugging
  mfib          IP Multicast forwarding information base
  mib           IPv6 MIB debugging
  mld           Multicast Listener Discovery
  mrib          Multicast Route DB
  multicast     Debug multicast related information
  nd            IPv6 Neighbor Discovery debugging
  ospf          OSPF debug commands
  packet        IPv6 packet debugging
  pim           Protocol Independent Multicast
  policy        IPv6 policy-based routing debugging
  pool          IPv6 prefix pool debugging
  rip           RIP Routing Protocol debugging
  routemap-api  IPv6 policy-based API
  routing       IPv6 routing table debugging
  rpf           IPv6 reverse path forwarding debugging
  snooping      IPv6 snooping



turn on 'debug ipv6 packet', that looks like the best option (and post the output)...

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