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IPV6 route stay in routing table instead to disappear

Hi team

We have strange situation.

The ospf v3 is established and is working odd.

There are two routers and one ASA in the network.

On the ASA are routes from two routers.

But, when we disconnect one of them the route coming from it stays in the routing table!!!

We don't have that router in ipv6 neighbour, but we have route from that router.

Any idea?

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Marcin Latosiewicz
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

I'm not sure if this affects IPv6, but we had similar problem for IPv4:

If you're not running release fixing this problem, give upgrade a try.

You can always open a TAC case to verify.

Hi Marcin

Please see the attached doc.

Route to x:x:x:1::/64 has been learned from BPG and distribute to OSPF.

Sec Router distribute that route with higher metric so Actieve ASA have only one route from Pri router.

When Pri BGP link broke ASA have the same route from Sec router.

That is regular.


stack switch - member to wich Pri router and Active ASA are connected turned off.

Standby ASA take active role, and have two route to x:x:x:1::/64 address

One from Sec router - correct

second from Pri router - ??? how


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