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load sharing traffic to single ISP

Hi guys,

I'm new to this load sharing traffic on IPv6 to single ISP as illustrated above. I have plain understanding on BGP routing and I need your advice on how to share the IPv6 traffic on both of our border router (separate location). Our ISP had enabled both of their PE routers with necessary IPv6 network routing configuration for our IPv6 network. Our border routers (R1 & R2) are running using BGP and our LinkProof unit configuring using static routing with default route (same routing cost) to both border routers. Both of our border routers has same IPv6 BGP routing for our network.

With this set up, I run into a problem where our remote offices unable to access internet unless, I remove one entry of IPv6 routing of that particular remote office network either one of our border router.

I'm wondering if I need to do a bit of changes on BGP part at our border router which I'm not that sure.

Kindly advice me.

Thank you very much.


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Cisco Employee

Hi Alex,

Hi Alex,

From a basic connectivity point of view, I think it should work as long as you have the internal prefixes advertised by border nodes (R1 and R2) to ISP.

Do you have any Firewall?. I am wondering if it is due to asymetric routing and so one Fw does not have the internal entry to handle the traffic?.


Hello Nagendra,

Hello Nagendra,

Both border routers has same network prefixes configuration and yes we do have firewalls (after our border routers) but it allows all IPv6 traffics passing through in and out. Our internal IPv6 routing is based on static routing.

As I stated in my post, if I remove one entry of IPv6 routing (under 'address-family ipv6' section) of that particular remote office network either one of our border router. It works perfectly but in this case, it doesn't.

Kindly advice.



1. how remote offices are

1. how remote offices are connected to your Datacenter ? Is there any separate WAN MPLS connectivity or through Telco ABC ?

2. What is the command you are removing from routers to get the problem resolved ?

Hi Irfan.

Hi Irfan.

To answer your queries;

1. Our remote offices connected to our Data Centre via our provider's MPLS cloud.

2. The command is

router# configure terminal

router# router bgp 6000

router(config-router)#  address-family ipv6

router(config-router)# no network 2001:34::/48

Hope that helps.


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