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VRRPv3 on IPv6 on ASR 920


Greetings. I'm trying to use VRRPv3 for IPv6 on an ASR 920. It's not working. It stays in INIT indefinitely. I followed the documentation here but still getting an error. Any thoughts? Here is the relevant config and the output of "show vrrp 22 Te0/0/1":

fhrp version vrrp v3

interface TenGigabitEthernet0/0/12
 ipv6 address 2001:db8::ffff::2/64
 vrrp 22 address-family ipv6
  priority 110
  address FE80::B28B:CFFF:0:1 primary
  address 2001:db8::ffff::1/64

router#show vrrp 22 Te0/0/1
TenGigabitEthernet0/0/12 - Group 22 - Address-Family IPv6
State is INIT (vMAC not available)
State duration 55 mins 43.764 secs
Virtual IP address is FE80::B28B:CFFF:0:1
Virtual secondary IP addresses:
Virtual MAC address is 0000.5E00.0216
Advertisement interval is 1000 msec
Preemption enabled
Priority is 110
Master Router is unknown, priority is unknown
Master Advertisement interval is unknown
Master Down interval is unknown
FLAGS: 1/0

Interesting that it says "vMAC not available" but it says just after "Virtual MAC address is 0000.5E00.0216". Ignore the fact that the MAC doesn't derive from the IPv6 address I have above... I changed the real IPv6 address to the "documentation one" of 2001:db8::

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Perhaps you have another HSRP or VRRP instance already running on a different interface.

There is a limitation on this platform documented here:


"No more than two variations of the both VRRP and HSRP protocols are supported when configuring VRRPv3. For example, if both VRRP for IPv4 and VRRP for IPv6 are configured, HSRP cannot be configured."

First Hop Redundancy Protocols Configuration Guide, Cisco IOS XE Release 3S (Cisco ASR 920) - Restrictions for VRRPv3 Protocol Support

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