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Jason Hirdler
Cisco Employee

Cisco Jabber Video EOL Notification

To Cisco Jabber Video Beta Users,

The date has changed to the end-of-life date.

The Cisco Jabber Video ( beta service will reach end-of-life on May 16, 2015.  The new date is November 20, 2015.

You can continue to use the service until then but after this date you will no longer be able to make video calls.

Note: The end-of-life for the free Cisco Jabber Video service does not impact the Cisco Jabber Client product.

Valuable findings from the Jabber Video beta enabled us to enhance many portions of our Collaboration solution including continued development of the Cisco Jabber UC Client family. In addition it contributed to the development of Cisco's new offer, Project Squared. Project Squared allows simple and secure place to collaborate — with anyone, anywhere within and across organizations. Details can be found at

We would like to thank our loyal users and hope you will continue to collaborate with Project Squared. We will send one final reminder two weeks prior to the shutdown.


The Cisco Jabber Video Team


Nice mail address projectsquared uses when you want a new password.

From: admin Subject: 비밀번호 재설정

This realy looks like it comes from Cisco.........

Rising star

Nice Announcement, but I have been touting this product capability as the Skype killer.

What is recommended as the replacement for this going forward for customers that wanted and were used to using this service?

Several of my customers that have their own customers that are on limited budgets and were using JabberVideo for their clients to be able to make video calls into them.  Regular Jabber clients are not appropriate for them.

The announcement without suggested alternatives is not good.  Where is the normal 5 year support after an end of sale announcement?

There won't be any 5 year support for this service, their simply shutting it down, so there won't be anything to support.  Which is why it can be used until the last date of service, and then after that, it won't be possible to make video calls, and/or possibly sign in.

I've liked the idea of the Cisco Jabber Video service, but never bothered to promote it or get users to utilize the service.. just for this reason.  It never left "beta", and I've been very weary about even mentioning it to users and then one day Cisco just shuts it down sooner or later, then what will there be for them to use.

We used it quite a bit with external people needing to connect to us for interviews etc if they didn't have access to anything else but Skype. Been working quite well, but I'm not too upset to see it go as this service shutting down will only help with strengthening our business case for a Pexip or Acano based solution. :)

Ongoing support is not something I ever expected for this service - it is after all a free service which never went out of beta state. Don't see any of the other vendors offering anything similar for free these days. /shrug


Please rate replies and mark question(s) as 'answered" if applicable.

Please rate replies and mark question(s) as "answered" if applicable.

Here are recommended guest access services:

These were shared with Cisco Sales and Cisco partners.   Only Project Squared was shared with end users as the service as that service is the only one directly available to an end user.


The WebEx options would assume we are using WebEx, which is way over kill for doing just a simple point to point Video Call.

Jabber Guest presumes that the customer is running CUCM 10.x and has all of the licenses and servers spun up and that they have the RMS licenses.  Which is not always the case.

Project Squared is Beta so right now I am very leery of suggesting that.  I have tried it a little and am not impressed plus how do I call a SX20 endpoint?

CiscoJabberVideo was a great Skype Killer and when I look for something that can bridge or gateway between the two, it is far easier to say, "here is some free software service from Cisco that works better and is the same price and interoperates on Standard protocols."

I am very upset by this announcement.

Hi Richard ... actually, Jabber Guest is supported with CUCM 8.6 or later, assuming Expressway/VCS X8.2 or later is also in place ...

Yes, there are Rich Media Session or Traversal licenses required for the firewall traversal, but the same are required for B2B and can also be used for Jabber Guest.

In case you haven't seen, the Jimmy Kimmel Live! show is using Jabber Guest to enable fans to appear on the show via the "Wall of America".  Here's an example ...

Jabber Guest may be fine if you have clients that you want to tie to you and only you, but it does not help with the client that may want to video with several different telepresence endpoints.

Jabber Guest does not work if you do not have the CUCM infrastructure or if you are using standalone VCS Controller and Expressway pair to provide video connections with no intention to go to CUCM.  Cisco is opening the door for PolyCom and others.