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Beginner user(s) on AT&T Uverse receiving No Video/No Audio

While performing some tests using and my Enterprise Jabber Video account I found that two Uverse users in Middle Tennessee were able to send video/audio (I see/hear them) but were unable to see or hear me. I worked through adding an allow entry for the Jabber ports on one participants DSL modem over the phone, but it didn't make any difference. No software/hardware firewalls appear to be blocking anything. Comcast customers don't appear to have this issue as we had one user connect without issue, and I have no problem connecting from home (I use Comcast).

I asked one of the users to uninstall the client software and install the standard Jabber Video client. I dialed using a test account and found we could both see and hear each other. At this point I believe the ISP may be blocking/not forwarding something from the free Cisco Jabber Video service.

Again I'm trying this in Nashville, Tennessee. Has anyone else experienced this in their Uverse market?

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Contributor user(s) on AT&T Uverse receiving No Video/N

We have three users using AT&T Uverse also having this issue. Please let me know if you ever found a resolution or explination. Thanks!

Beginner user(s) on AT&T Uverse receiving No Video/N

I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing the issue as well. Due to time constraints we had to move on and abandon use of in that particular case. I'm afraid I don't have any additional recommendations at this time.