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Enterprise Cisco Video (VCS C and E, Codian MCU) fails with Free Jabber

I have a customer that has VCS Control, VCS Expressway, 4520 MCU, TMS with provisioning and 75 Jabber for Telepresence users (Movi). All this works inside and outside their netwrok as expected. They have a need for non employees to join calls occasionally and want to recommend the Free Jabber client. It connects but no audio or video is received  on the Free jabber client. On movi dialing the same addresses this works fine from the client movi users, and from non client movi users (my company). Only the Free jabber fails. I am using TCP for SIP on port 5060 and have all the standard build ports open on the firewall.

The auto attendant is SIP registered and H.323 registered. I can dial in with competitors standards based products as well. Just not the Free jabber

Anyone have any ideas -            



Your customer use public-signed or self-signed certificate? Here is the list Cisco Jabber Video supports:

Also, network ports need to open:



I have a seperate thread going about this and have seen others. This is (as I understand it) an issue that has been going on with Free Jabber for a while. The workaround is to use the IP address rather than domain name. It should work perfectly with example@a.b.c.d Not sure if that is a viable option in your enviroment or not. I had a couple different TAC engineers review our configs and SRV records and it is all fine. Any other outside endpoint can call in just fine. One of the TAC engineers mentioned that he has seen this before and it is a known issue with Free Jabber but could not tell me if or when it will be fixed since the Free Jabber is apparently handled by a BU outside of their realm of contact.


Update - My customer has monitored the firewall - and has the following results:

We are seeing in the firewall logs the lowest UDP port drops  42470  highest UDP port drops 55703 in firewall.

Video from a VCS Registered Jabber Movi user works fine. Using a PC provisioned with Free Jabber using the same call path fails for media.

Does anyone have a list of what ports must be open on the firewall for the Free Jabber - it appears they are using a different range than the 50000-54999 ports that are standard for the VCS for media.



I would like to know if fro a deployment like you have described, I need ASA anycoonect mobile licenses??

My question is because I saw that jabber is going to implement firewall transversal, is it true??

Can someone help me with this??

My deployment is 4 SX20, jabber video ( around 10) and a mCU 5310




I have in my company similar equipment to yours. VCS control,CVS Expressay and a 4505 MCU TMS with provisioning and Jabber for telepresence user Movi. the only problem is that mine only works internally. 

Do you main telling or advising what to do to get it to work outside the network ?