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Free Jabber connection and stability issues

I am the video administrator for UTD and free jabber is a foundational block for our video deployment.  About a month ago we began to notice free jabber having issues connecting (signing in) and dropping calls.  Here is a summary of our findings.

1. About 20% of our calls with free jabber are experiencing issues

2. Calls that can't sign in recieve an "unable to register" error.

3. Calls that have problems staying connected have very sparatic connections.  Over an hour long video conference they will stay connected for 20 seconds, then drop, then connect back for 5 minutes, then drop, then connect for 2 seconds, then drop, then connect for 30 minutes, then drop, then connect for 3 minutes, then drop, etc.

4. Our VCS Expressway shows many different errors for the same call.  A list of the errors are "Interowrked No Permission - Insufficient privilege", "403 Forbidden", "487 Request Teminated", "Undefined reason", "Unknown reason".

We believe that the "user unable to register" is due to a maxing out of the Cisco VCS Expressway.  We believe the other issues are due to Cisco firewall mishandling the free jabber calls.  There is an open discussion with our sister sites about this issue.  We will be testing/monitoring free jabber connections over the next few weeks.  Sniffing the connection should tell us exactly what side the errors are coming from, but given that none of our other video equipment is having problems nor is our Enterprise Jabber having issues, all hands are pointing to Cisco's free jabber infrastructure not configured correctly and not being able to handle the load.

Anyone want to comment on this?

-Brian Moore


Still seeing disconnects.  But now also testing Ipad jabber video and seeing similar issues there.  Really seems like Cisco's infrastructure can't handle the load.

Any thoughts?

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