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Jabber for Telepresence- screen sharing- can't stop it

All~ Using CIsco abber for Telepresence 4.8.8 User calls another user via jabber client- shares an application (or entire screen) and when you click on 'stop sharing' nothing happens. You can not stop sharing. You can jump from sharing different things- but can not stop the share. Disconnect of call works. Can share to Telepresence unit (C20 or Sx20)and stop, but not client to client.
Jason Hirdler
Cisco Employee

Hi jwtechie211,

I tested this and was not able to replicate.  When you click on the presentation share button again you should see a red button labeled "stop sharing presentation" under the option you were just sharing, which should be the first squared icon to the left.  I have also provided a screenshot to show this.  My test concluded of one MAC and one Windows both using the 4.8.8 CJV client.  If you are still able to replicate this, please provide the screenshot, OS of both computers, and client versions.



I have successfully shared and stopped sharing. There are times when this totally locks up and you can't stop sharing unless you disconnect the call.

This is Windows 7- Jabber 4.8.8   
Could this be network related?

Both desktops would be the same.  I am sorry I do not have a screen shot- but it resembles what you have shown.. however when you click on STOP SHARING-- it simply does not STOP sharing



Hi Jennifer,

This could be network related, but tough to say for sure.  If this happens regardless of where you are (using different networks) then I would say PC related vs network, but if this only happens when using a specific Internet connection then this definitely sounds like it's network related.

You may also want to try looking into your anti-virus software.  These have always been known to cause and create weirdness related to software clients such as this that use the Internet.

I wish I could help more here, but it's not something we can replicate.