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Dave Agro

Jabber Video Not Working With Camera

I've been using Jabber Video for quite some time now.  I recently upgraded to the latest 4.6 version, and I also have a new camera.  The camera model is a Logitech c930e.  I can get the camera to show me in self-view before a call, and also in the settings of Jabber, however when I place a call, the other side cannot see me and it says "No incoming video" even though my camera shows powered on.

Is this a bug, or do I just have to wait for a newer version of Jabber?  It seems strange to me that it works fine in self-view before the call, but not in the call.

EDIT:  Another strange thing, when in the call if I share an application, the app shows up and then my picture shows up to the other person.  As soon as I stop sharing, my video freezes again.


Hi Frank and Dave,

Please gather the SIP debug logs from the Jabber client using the 768k setting.  Please see if you can gather the MCU/VCS logs as well, whichever device is configured using the 768k setting.  Provide those to this thread so I can have this further looked into.  With all the given info, it's possible this could be a new bug or related to an existing one.  There is no way to determine that without the logs.



I have the logs from a test call from Jabber Video.  I can gather VCS logs too, but I'm not sure which you need, I'm assuming the network logs?  Do you have a secure place I can upload these to?


I was able to replicate this as well with Lenovo T420s.  No video being transmitted at 768Kbps.  The second I scalled it down to 512, it worked without issue.

Martin Koch

I do not agree that it does not need to be a bug.

Check out:


There seems to be some issue with some (integrated) cameras and specific bandwidth configuration.

(which I guess causes a resolution to be used which is some how not compatible).

I would recoomend to report it as a bug to TAC so it gets a higher priority!

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Please remember to rate helpful responses and identify


I have a not so similar problem has any additional information been gathered on these problems?

I have three different PCs (two running 4.6 and one running 4.4)
When connected via any two (via cisco jabber or one pc through Job expressway) neither side recieves video and mics show as muted. turning video or audio on or off does not register on either side.

Conference information shows that on both sides the RECIEVED "Configured bitrate" in "General", Video, and audio all show "N/A"