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Simon Taylor

Login Failed / Calls Not Connecting (Jabber Video Free Version)


I'm having trouble logging in to Jabber free version.... Nine out of ten times I get the message "Login Failed due to registration failure"

The one time I did manage to login, calls were failing.

Is it just me?

Simon Taylor

Simon Taylor

I just tried changing my password, I get the same result. Still can't login.

Hi Simon,

Please make sure you are not using the in your username.  Please check the internal server and make sure it is not blank or a different domain other than  If it is, then I recommend uninstalling and redownloading the correct version from

Network issues like limited available bandwidth or packet loss can cause login issues as well.  I don't believe this to be the case, but if you were able to get one successful login, then something like this could be the issue.  Not sure if you tried this yet, but have you reboot?  Maybe there is a process causing the network congestion.

There can be many things causing this, but I assure you it's not the Jabber Video servers or there would be more posts like this one.

Hoipe this was helpful,



I think there are alot more problems like this then you & support are aware of.  I just got my account, downloaded the software and login fails.  First it said I could not use the @ sign, which the instructions say:

After you install Jabber Video, sign in using either your email address ( or your Jabber Video address (, along with the password you used to create your account.

I even tried without but then fails with

With everything correct this is all I get?

Seems to be an issue with the login.

Well, the problem I was haviing the other day has disappeared.

Everythings OK for me now.

Thomas, check your Caps Lock!

Nope thats not the problem. Just won't et me login?

I get the same thing. :-( 

New Account.  Copy and Pasting the Password too!

Is this service only community supported?

I hope you find this information useful, if it was satisfactory for you, please mark the question as Answered. Please rate post you consider useful. -James


Be sure you remove the from the username field.  The username is also not your email address.  You only need the name you setup and the password as long as you are using the Jabber Video software provided by the site.