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Cisco Employee

Re: TelePresence Software- not working with GM seed O

Hi Frederic,

The logs you provided show a successful login.  There are no error messages outside of what you provided, so it's diffucult to say what is blocking the login.

I was able to replicate this issue logging into the service as well.  What I did was used a 3rd party uninstall app to remove all the Cisco Jabber Video files and folders, then reinstalled the 4.7 release again.  This worked for me, which is why I recommended it.

If this still does not work, the VCSe logs will need to be looked at, in which case you will need to call TAC to further triage.  They will be able to analyze the VCSe logs, and open a bug on either product depending on what is the cause.




Re: TelePresence Software- not working with GM seed O

I figured it out.  There are tons of files created by Jabber, bunch of them are Plist.  I used finder and deleted all references to Jabber.  You have to be careful not to delete the Mac OS Jabber support.

I think it's a bad experience as far as upgrading your app.  I doubt I will be the only person to have trouble with this.

But all is good for me, and I can use the app again.

Thanks for the help,