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Dispatch voicemails in Jabber


Is there a setting or a feature that is needed for users to be able to take ownership and/or delete dispatched voicemails in Jabber?  I have setup a Call Handler to accept voicemails and then assigned it to a distribution list, and assigned users to that list.  I have also setup for the messages to be tagged as dispatch voicemails.  However when a voicemail is received in the visual voicemail section in Jabber on the agents, they can listen to the voicemail but they are unable to accept/handle the voicemail and unable to delete the voicemail after it has been worked.  The only way for users to be able to accept the voicemail and/or delete is to click on the "Call Voicemail" and go through the audio prompts to receive the voicemail and then delete it if needed. Jabberdisp


Jabber verison - 12.9

Unity Version - 12.5.1


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A user can delete the last copy of a dispatch message using Web Inbox or Cisco Unified Personal Communicator.


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I'm curious, though... can you share the behaviour you see?

When you play the message in visual voicemail, does it stay highlighted, i.e. unread? Are you able to delete it?

I ask these question because I was hoping to use something similar for our Jabber users as well. I still have to set things up in our lab and test between an actual shared extension that forwards to the call handler or a hunt group that forwards to the call handler. But knowing the end results on Jabber would be neat to know ahead of time. 



Current, you can listen to the dispatch voicemail but are not able to take ownership of the voicemail and/or delete it.  After listening to the voicemail, it is still in an unread status.  I did find a bug from Cisco thats states this is a known issue and there is no fix or work around.  


Cisco Bug Report CSCuw31908

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Not the answer you were hoping for, but unfortunately, it looks like Jabber’s visual voicemail is not compatible with dispatch messages. 

some references:

Cisco Unity Connection Dispatch Messages

In Cisco Unity Connection, a dispatch message is sent to a distribution list with the message configured in such a way that only one user responds to that message. A user can accept, decline, or postpone the dispatch message. Cisco Jabber for Windows doesn’t support Cisco Unity Connection dispatch messages. CSCuw31908 documents this limitation..


Jabber platform limitation with Unity dispatch messages
Jabber Platform documentation does not include support/limitations for Visual Voicemail dispatch messaging.



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