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Jabber Desktop app unreliable for receiving calls

We're using Jabber to send and receive calls at work numbers when working remotely from home.

It has been reliable for calling out and also for incoming calls but only when I'm active on the computer.

If the screen saver kicks in or I lock the screen to walk away for a few minutes, Jabber doesn't ring and there's no missed call in the log when I return.

So, if someone calls when I'm away from my computer, it doesn't ring and I don't know to call them back, unlike my physical phone in my on-site office which logs all calls whether I'm there or not.

Is there a problem with our Jabber system/configuration or is this by design?

Is there a work-around?

Mac, OSX 10.14.6

Jabber 12.9.4

Ramon G.
Cisco Employee


The fact that the Jabber doesn't list any miss call could be due to going to unregister state, I would rather check the PC's power settings and make sure that Network connection remains active while going into sleep state.


Hope it can help.


Thanks for the reply.

You may be on to something. Searching the internet for OSX logout and network, I'm seeing that OSX may disconnect from the network at logout, even if the computer doesn't sleep.  This seems to include when the screen saver locks the screen even if the user hasn't logged out, though I haven't been able to confirm that.


I don't see anything in the Power Saving or Network settings to prevent this. I saw a command line fix but comments say that it no longer works on recent systems. The fix that no longer works says to "set up the airport util for your wireless card to tell it not to shut off:

cd /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/Apple80211.framework/Versions/Current/Resources
sudo ./airport en1 prefs DisconnectOnLogout=NO

I believe that it's possible for an application to keep a network connected. When I run rsync in a terminal overnight to backup my drive over the network, the connection persists and rsync continues even when I lock the screen. Is there something Jabber can do or a way to run Jabber so that it holds on to the network connection, preventing a disconnect?

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