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Loss of calls, choppy voices or muted with Jabber


We are currently using the Cisco Jabber associated with Cisco Finesse, we still have loss of calls, choppy or muted voices. It happens often. Do you have an idea please?

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee
Please can you provide more details on the environment.

Are these clients on premise, VPN, or MRA?
- If VPN or MRA, is there a comparable on prem performance? This could simply be a user internet issue.

Have you tried the basics, such as a different headset?
Are you able to attempt use of Cisco IP Communicator for comparison?

We are connected via VPN and I know this can cause problems. I noticed that when the call starts to creak and I can't hear anymore, if I put the call on hold for 2 seconds and then pick up again, the problem is resolved.

Sandrine, take a look at live call statistics next time you have an audio issue (From Help menu or Ctrl + Shift + S on Windows). This will point to real time stats such as packet loss and latency, this will help point to where the issue might be (network based vs local problem with device or headset)
Jabber also writes these call stats to the logs, so when you generate a Problem Report, the details are captured (if the issue persists this Problem Report can be provided to Cisco TAC for support)
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