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Automate Your Networking Environment with Puppet Enterprise

Cisco Employee

Created by Emmeline Wong

Puppet Labs' native NX-OS Puppet agent for Nexus 3000/3100 and Nexus 9000 switches (5k and 7k coming later) enable network administrators to automate Day One, Two, and Three operations simply by specifying the desired state of your network in Puppet code using our Cisco Puppet module available on the Puppet Forge. Using infrastructure as code to manage the network offers the following benefits:

  • DevOps proliferation - Apply DevOps collaboration practices to networking using infrastructure as code.
  • Operational Unity - Manage the network just like compute. Unify change management processes and tooling.
  • Insight - Change insight & management for all infrastructure.

Visit website for more details on: description, features, support, resources, compatibility. Link

Puppet Labs is a Cisco Solution Partner and this compatible solution will bring infrastructure as code practices to the management of Cisco Nexus 3000/3100 and 9000 Series Switches.

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