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Cisco DemoFriday Part 3: Maximizing Network Programmability & Automation with Cisco Open NX-OS

Cisco Employee

Watch video here

In this DemoFriday, Cisco guided us through a variety of use cases, including a hands on demonstration of how CiscoOpen NX-OS enables increased agility, flexibility, and scalability. After the demo, Cisco took questions from the attendees. Read the whole Q&A from the Cisco DemoFriday below.

Can you make the port Layer 3 via bash?

Cisco: Not at this point in time, since there is no clear equivalent mechanism in Linux. We thought about forcing the port into Layer 3 mode when ‘ifconfig <ip>’ was configured, but erred on the side of being cautious by not assuming the user intent implicitly. We’ll look for user feedback and can modify this behavior.

Nexus 3K, 9K, is it available for 7K?

Cisco: Open NX-OS ships this quarter (Q3CY15) on N9K and N3K platforms. It’ll be added to other Nexus platforms in the near future. Please contact your sales rep for roadmap as some of these capabilities exist today.

Can we add entry in iptable in Linux to access list in NX-OS?

Cisco: We support adding route to the route table via ‘ip route’ commands. ACL configuration via iptables is on the roadmap.

Will Open NX-OS be available on the 5k/7k this calendar year?

Cisco: Please contact your sales rep for a roadmap as some of these capabilities already exist on N5K/7K.

Can we integrate this open NX-OS to Quagga router?

Cisco: You can install RPMs on NX-OS including Quagga.

Cisco also provides something called Guest Shell as a OVA. Can a user have their own OVA installed in Nexus?

Cisco: Absolutely. Any OVA that works on CentOS works on the Guest Shell.

By manipulating the packages, can I have a router with only OSPF and no BGP module loaded?

Cisco: NX-OS by default packages RPMs for both, but only if OSPF is loaded; if that is the only protocol that is configured. Additionally, you can build your own flavor of BGP (e.g. SoumitraBGP) and load it onto Open NX-OS.

Is there a graphic interface of NX-OS?

Cisco: There are many Cisco (DCNM), third-party and open source options for graphical interfaces. For NX-API, Open NX-OS packages a GUI sandbox that is accessible from http://<switch-ip> (after you enable ‘feature nxapi’ on the switch).

Does NX-OS Linux comes with Nagios agent as well?

Cisco: It is a BYORPM model – you can load any agent you want, either natively (as root) or in the Guest Shell (more isolated).

Will Open NX-OS run on all Nexus devices? If not, which ones are supported?

Cisco: Today open NX-OS runs on N9K and N3K. Please contact your sales rep for a roadmap as some of these capabilities are already available on N5K/N7K.

How do we migrate from existing Cisco Nexus switches to open NX-OS?

Cisco: You’ll be able to upgrade with the standard mechanisms (install all).

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